Real people building a real solution

You'll find a lot of AI job tools out there.
We'll bet none of them have a founder story like ours.
This not only sets us apart, but underlines what makes our product totally different.

Our Story

Almost a decade ago, Vrijen Attawar and Logan Currie were coworkers on a rooftop in Singapore bonding over beers and a shared passion for helping others tell their story. They then founded and sold a company together before parting ways. Through the years, they’d reconnect every few months - often when one was about to take a big risk or leap - to strategize and hype each other up.

In late 2022 they were both considering career shifts and each jumped into storytelling mode to help the other frame their pivot - even as they started building out an idea for a platform that would help others do just that.

Our Mission

The ApplyAI empowers you to stand out in crowded markets through personalized guidance. Our mission is to level the playing field by changing the way applicants see and talk about themselves, and in turn, to revolutionize the job application process.

Our Vision

The ApplyAI envisions a future where every individual has the opportunity to shine based on merit and potential. We strive to be the opportunity engine that transforms the job search into fair, inclusive, and forward-thinking experiences - creating a world where excellence is seen, celebrated, and well-compensated.

Co-founder and CEO
Vrijen Attawar

Vrijen quit McKinsey for The ApplyAI (next level commitment). He has worked in management consulting, professional comms, admissions and career coaching, and is fundamentally phenomenal at helping others problem-solve. He holds an MBA from Cornell Johnson, and a BA in Economics from Emory University.

Co-Founder and COO
Logan Currie

Logan has lived, worked, and studied in 3 languages in 5 countries. She has helped people figure out how to storytell across college applications, resumes, and more for 15 years, and has also worked in business development, marketing, edtech, and education leadership. Logan holds a BA from Penn, and is a part-time EdM student at Harvard studying learning design, innovation and technology.

Chief Product Officer
Ilse Funkhouser

Ilse has over a decade of experience working at, consulting for, and founding, early stage startups. She brings behavioral psychology, and, more recently, Machine Learning and AI, to the table to make products that uplift humans, rather than replace them. Data-driven only when convenient, she doesn't shy away from exploring hunches. Ilse holds a BA from Northwestern University and a Masters in Data Science from University of Wisconsin.

Software Engineer
Serhii Bilyk

Serhii has worked as a police captain and a software engineer. He enjoys the latter more. Serhii is meticulous in his code, and enjoys problem solving front-end conundrums. He will tell it to you exactly how he sees it.

Lead Software Mechanic
Daniel Brady

Daniel goes by ‘Brady’ around here, and was adopted into the team after pinch-hitting for us when we were short-staffed the week before our MVP launched. He’s a self-described ‘maintenance guy’ with a few university degrees and 10 years of experience making digital systems suck less.

The ApplyAI Resources

Rise above the noise by using storytelling in your job search. Learn how to communicate your skills, strengths, and goals through compelling narratives that make you memorable to potential employers.

What's the deal with storytelling?

Struggling with job hunting advice? Discover the truth behind common myths and get clear, actionable tips to improve your job search.

10 myths about job hunting

Don't just list your degrees—make them work for you! Highlight your highest qualifications, link your coursework to job requirements, and include relevant certifications. Use a consistent format and keep it concise. Show employers exactly how your education makes you the perfect fit for the job.

How to format education history in your resume

Address resume gaps confidently by being honest and highlighting skills gained during the break. Use a functional resume format to emphasize achievements, and be ready to discuss your gap positively in interviews. Show you're ready and eager for your next role!

How to show a work gap in your resume

Transform your resume with the 5 Bullet Point Rule. Limit each job entry to five concise, impactful points highlighting your top achievements. Use strong action verbs, quantify successes, and tailor each point to the job description. Keep it short, sweet, and relevant to make a lasting impression on recruiters.

The 5 bullet point rule

In 2024, job hunting is tougher due to AI-driven processes. Increased competition, ATS filtering, and automated interviews add complexity. To succeed, optimize your resume for ATS, prepare for AI interviews, highlight soft skills, leverage networking, and keep learning. Adapt and stand out in this AI-dominated landscape.

Has ChatGPT ruined job hunting for everyone?

Applying to fewer jobs with tailored applications is more effective. Customize your resume, align skills with job requirements, and research companies. This boosts your chances and reduces burnout.

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Job Hunting

Focus on content, not design. Impress both the ATS and recruiters with a plain, clean template that highlights your achievements and relevant skills. Keep it simple and professional to ensure your resume gets noticed for the right reasons.

Harsh truth: your resume template doesn't matter

Interviews: The Real Test in 2024 With AI crafting perfect resumes, interviews are now crucial to prove your authenticity. They verify your skills, assess cultural fit, and detect AI influence. Be prepared, practice common questions, showcase your personality, and use examples to shine. In the age of AI, authenticity wins the role.

The Rise of The Interview in the Age of Job Hunting AI

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