How The ApplyAI Works

This platform is based around storytelling.
Why? Because communicating what makes you great is what gets you ahead.

Have a discovery chat

Tell our friendly AI about what you’ve done - and where you’re headed. It wants to hear about your “work wins”: times you solved a problem or made something happen. The more it knows, the more it can help you.


Get your game plan

Our AI pays close attention to your every word and picks out details that even you might miss.  Whether it’s identifying your standout skills or giving you totally personalized talking points, our AI knows there’s nothing generic about who you are


Leverage your ApplyAI insights right away

We take your unique experiences + your job goals and show you how to use that killer content to your advantage. Whether it’s an outreach email, an elevator pitch, or new-and-improved resume bullet points for your dream job, The ApplyAI has you covered. 

Our Pricing

Why choose The ApplyAI?

Built by coaches for you

We get how hard it is to figure out what you should talk about. That's why built a tool to do exactly that.

A tool that empowers you

Your story is unique. Our tools help you practice telling and selling YOUR story.

Content for any context

Elevator pitch? Networking talking points? Resume bullet points? We've got you covered.

Applying is a skill.
We help you get good at it.

You already have what you need to say - we help you figure out what to say and how to say it. Check out the new way to apply yourself.