Ilse Funkhouser
Chief Product Officer

Ilse has over a decade of experience working at, consulting for, and founding, early stage startups. She brings behavioral psychology, and, more recently, Machine Learning and AI, to the table to make products that uplift humans, rather than replace them. Data-driven only when convenient, she doesn't shy away from exploring hunches. Ilse holds a BA from Northwestern University and a Masters in Data Science from University of Wisconsin.

Ilse knows a lot about very niche subjects like hot peppers.

Vrijen Attawar
Co-founder and CEO

Vrijen quit McKinsey for The ApplyAI (next level commitment). He has worked in management consulting, professional comms, admissions and career coaching, and is fundamentally phenomenal at helping others problem-solve. He holds an MBA from Cornell Johnson, and a BA in Economics from Emory University.

Logan Currie
Co-Founder and COO

Logan has lived, worked, and studied in 3 languages in 5 countries. She has helped people figure out how to storytell across college applications, resumes, and more for 15 years, and has also worked in business development, marketing, edtech, and education leadership. Logan holds a BA from Penn, and is a part-time EdM student at Harvard studying learning design, innovation and technology.

Serhii Bilyk
Software Engineer

Serhii has worked as a police captain and a software engineer. He enjoys the latter more. Serhii is meticulous in his code, and enjoys problem solving front-end conundrums. He will tell it to you exactly how he sees it.

Daniel Brady
Lead Software Mechanic

Daniel goes by ‘Brady’ around here, and was adopted into the team after pinch-hitting for us when we were short-staffed the week before our MVP launched. He’s a self-described ‘maintenance guy’ with a few university degrees and 10 years of experience making digital systems suck less.

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